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The EFEPA’s Resource Center is a place where you can see videos, conference presentations and more, that has been given by our Medical Professionals and other educators. We want to keep you informed with up to date epilepsy education!

2013 Men’s and Women’s Conference

Dr. Michael Sperling – Genetics & Epilepsy

Dr. Joyce Liporace – Nutrition and a Way to Better Health

Mood and Memory with Jenn Tinker, Ph.D.

Women’s Sessions:
Hormones Across the Lifespan with Dr. Jacobson

Pregnancy and Epilepsy with Dr. Davis

Men’s Sessions:
Sexual Function & Fertility in Men with Epilepsy with Dr. Pollard

AED & Sexuality with Dr. Maus

Living Well with Seizures: Epilepsy 101 & Beyond, with Dr. Gregory Bergey

1. Introduction and Classification :
2. Evaluation & Treatment :
3. Treatment: Principals of Pharmacotherapy (Medication) :
4. Surgical Treatment of Epilepsy :
5. Other Treatments of Epilepsy :

Epilepsy: Classification and Diagnosis

Karen S. Carvalho, MD, St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children

2012 Epilepsy Education Exchange

Keynote: New Medications; New Treatments
Maromi Nei, MD, Jefferson Comprehensive Epilepsy Center
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Young Adults Transitioning with Chronic Disorders
Jamie DiIanni, CBIS, Transition Support Programs, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Bone Health, Nutrition and a Way to Better Health
Joyce Liporace, MD, Riddle Hospital, Center for Neuroscience

Alternative Treatments
Omar Khan, MD, St. Luke’s Neurological Associates
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Epilepsy & Research: A Focus on the Future

Brian Litt, MD, Associate Professor of Neurology, Associate Professor of Bioengineering, University of Pennsylvania
This presentation was given on May 16th, 2012 at our Lancaster evening seminar. The presentation is broken up into 12 different segments for easy viewing.

1. Introduction

2. Surgery

3. Measuring Brain Activity

4. New Technologies

5. Fundamental Questions

6. Research

7. New Findings

8. Microseizures

9. Predicting Seizures

10: Flexible Sensors

11. Potential Solutions with Flexible Electronics

12. The Newest Technology – Organic Devices