Young Adult Resources

The Epilepsy Foundation Eastern Pennsylvania recognizes the unique needs of young adults diagnosed with epilepsy in our community. We aim to provide our young adults with opportunities to socialize, educate, volunteer, and gain independence.

Social Activities:

Our social activities offer young adults the unique opportunity to form relationships with their peers which may otherwise be unavailable.  These events also help grow a sense of community that offers support and understanding, as well as a chance to just have fun.

In the past the Foundation has planned events including a bowling party, a mall and movie meet up, and a camp and counselor reunion. Here’s what we are doing now:

  • Young Adult Educational Programs
  • Coffee Shop Conversations
  • Mall & a Movie Meet-Up

If you are interested in participating in any of the EFEPA’s social activities for young adults or have suggestions for what you or your young adult would like to do, please contact us at or (215) 629-5003.


As a Foundation that relies heavily on volunteers, we want to ensure that the next generation continues to be engaged in the non-profit community for years to come.  Not only will volunteering help our young adults gain personal fulfillment, but it will also build skills necessary for entering the work force.


Volunteer Opportunities:


Fostering independence in our young adults is a priority for the Foundation.  Many young adults with epilepsy struggle with getting to places without a license, living away home, and obtaining employment.  Independence not only provides a feeling of self-worth, but it is the first step in guiding young adults to become productive members of the global community.

Steps Towards Building Independence: