Seizure First Aid

Seizure First Aid

Download Seizure First Aid Posters to learn more and educate your community.

English (disponible en español abajo)

First Aid for Generalized Tonic Clonic (Gran Mal) Seizures:

First Aid for Seizures_Generalized convulsive
First Aid_generalized convulsive








First Aid for Complex Partial, Psycho-motor and  Temporal Lobe Seizures:

First Aid for Seizures_Complex Partial

First Aid_complex partial

Want to learn even more? Watch this video on Understanding & Assisting People with Epilepsy:


Primeros Auxilios para convulsiones generalizadas:

Primeros auxilios_convulsiones generalizadas

Primeros Auxilios para crisis parcial compleja o de lobulo temporal

Primeros Auxilios_parcial compleja

¿Quiere aprender aún más? Mire este video para conocer de la epilepsia y como auydar durante una crisis epileptica:

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