November 28, 2023

Let's Face This Together!

Join the Movement

This year, the EFEPA is dedicating #GivingTuesday to supporting advocacy efforts that can create meaningful change for epilepsy warriors of all ages.

What does this mean? While an advocate is one person, advocacy requires all of us to unite in one vision: creating a world accepting and accommodating of epilepsy. Which is why the EFEPA promises to be here to support Epilepsy Warriors, caregivers, family members and more to take ownership of what being an advocate may mean to them.

Whether that is joining support groups, attending a retreat, tuning into an educational webinar, or writing to a legislator; your participation and support is vital. The EFEPA needs your help to ensure our invaluable programs and services remain free and accessible to our community. No matter the size of your gift, you can make an impact for Epilepsy Warriors of all ages!

Let’s remind our Epilepsy Warriors this #GivingTuesday that they are not alone in the fight. We are stronger together, and can work in unison to amplify the voices of our community as advocates for all affected by epilepsy.

Why Our #GivingTuesday Supporters Donate


“I’m more than 1 in 26…recently diagnosed and the only one in my family (which is huge) with it. Learning this new life. #epilepsyawareness”

– Jennifer 


“Didn’t actually know I was having simple partial seizures until a couple years ago! During a bunch of doctor visits for an MS diagnosis also led to an epilepsy diagnosis! #DoubleOurVoice #DoubleYourGift #DoubleTheDiagnoses”

– Malarie


“1 in 26 is way too many!”

– Cathy


“Together we can #EndEpilepsy! Stay Brave Warriors!!!”

– Colleen and Bob