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If you would like to schedule a seizure recognition and first aid training for your school/family/organization/business, please contact us at and/or 215-629-5003. Please note, all training programs are NOT recorded for later viewing. All our school personnel trainings, educational conferences, and educational webinars provide Act 48 credits.

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Past Trainings & Webinars

How AmbitCare’s free genetic counseling can help you find answers about the underlying cause of your child’s epilepsy


Learn from EFEPA and AmbitCare about how there may be a genetic cause of your child’s seizures and developmental delays and how AmbitCare’s free resources, including free virtual genetic counseling for qualified pediatric patients and 1:1 customized support, can help you find answers about the underlying cause of your child’s epilepsy.

Presenters: Elizabeth Rountree, COO and co-founder of AmbitCare & Neha Kumar, genetic counselor and advisor at AmbitCare

For additional info on AmbitCare please check out:

Living an Active Lifestyle- Maximizing Community Access and Participation

Organized by EFEPA,, the Brain Recovery Project, and EquipMeOT


This session provided equipment recommendations, techniques, and activity ideas to facilitate greater participation in community-based activities such as parks, pools, gyms, etc. for those living with epilepsy. Join us as we address common safety concerns as well as ways to advocate for your needs within your communities to maximize participation and independence!

Presenter: Lindsay DeLong, OTR/L, Founder of EquipMeOT, LLC

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Key Takeaways Handout HERE!

Seizure Detection & Alarms: Webinar Series on Safety Devices for Epilepsy

Organized by EFEPA,, the Brain Recovery Project, and EquipMeOT


This session focused on different seizure alert watches, devices, and apps. We will also discuss the role of service dogs. Our speaker, Sarah Tefft, has worked at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for the past 8 years with the past two as a nurse practitioner. She is an active volunteer with EFEPA. After Sarah, listen to Monica Staehle, a community member, spoke about her experience with the Embrace watch.

Presenters: Sarah Tefft, CRNP, CPNP-PC and Monica Staehle

Key Takeaways Handout Here!

Transition Workshop Series 2022

Workshop 3: Employment & Vocational Training, Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Title: Employment Rights & Accommodations

Speaker: Mark Natale, Attorney at Malamut & Associates

Title: Vocational Training Services from Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

Speaker: Jamie Luthy, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor at the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation in Philadelphia

Workshop 2: Higher Education, Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Title: Transition: High School to Post-Secondary Education and Training

Speaker: Dr. Domenico Cavaiulo, Professor in the Dept. of Special Education and Rehabilitation at East Stroudsburg University

Title: Panel for Higher Education

Speakers:  Seamus Hanrahan, Erin Seiler, Matt Steele, and Dana Pirolli (Young adults diagnosed with epilepsy share their experiences in higher education and life after highschool and college)

Workshop 1: Medical & Healthcare Transitions, Saturday, April 2, 2022

Title: Transition- Are you ready?

Speaker: Dr. Lawrence E. Fried, Attending Physician, Division of Neurology, Pediatric Regional Epilepsy Program, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Title: Growing up with Epilepsy

Speaker: Dr. Akila Venkataraman, Pediatric Neurologist, Geisinger Medical Center

Thank you to the Transition Workshop Series Sponsor, UCB, whose generous support made these workshops, and so many of our programs and services throughout the year, possible!

Maximizing Safety and Independence at Home: Webinar Series on Safety Devices for Epilepsy

Organized by EFEPA,, the Brain Recovery Project, and EquipMeOT


This session focused on the home and included techniques and tools for improving sleep, bathing, toileting, dressing, kitchen activities and so much more!

Presenter: Lindsay DeLong, OTR/L, Founder of EquipMeOT, LLC

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Key TakeAways & Resources HERE!

Seizure Recognition & First Aid Training for Caregivers & the General Public

1/27/22 Presenter: Ellen Baca, Lehigh Valley Resource Coordinator

Family Experience: Pediatric Surgery Webinar Series

Brought to you by EFEPA & 


In this session you will hear testimonials of two families who have gone through the pediatric epilepsy surgery journey.

Preparing for Epilepsy Surgery: Pediatric Surgery Webinar Series

Brought to you by EFEPA & 

11/15/21: TakeAways Handout

In this presentation, Carinna Scotti-Degnan, PhD, Caitlin Trainor, CCLS, Alexandra Bullock, LCSW, and Jillyan Lynch, MSW review how to help you and your child prepare for epilepsy surgery. They focus on how to discuss epilepsy surgery in a developmentally appropriate way and the role of a pediatric psychologist, child life specialist, and social worker in supporting the entire family throughout this process. Their goal is for families to know how and when to access members of the behavioral health team.

How to Choose a Neurosurgeon: Pediatric Surgery Webinar Series

Brought to you by EFEPA & 

11/9/21: TakeAways Handout

Learn from Dr. Kennedy, MD, FAANS and Kathleen Galligan, PA-C about how to find a neurosurgeon and navigate second opinions. They focus on what information to look for, questions to ask, and how to feel comfortable and confident in your decision. Their goal is for families to feel empowered as advocates for their child and in taking the next steps when medications are not enough.

La Epilepsia y Tú


Dr. Ignacio Valencia, St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, Departamento de Neurología

Ven y aprende sobre la epilepsia y las crisis epilepticas en niños

Aspectos básicos de la epilepsia
Medidas de seguridad en la casa y en tu comunidad

When Epilepsy Medications Aren’t Enough: Pediatric Surgery Webinar Series

Brought to you by EFEPA & 

11/1/21- TakeAways Handout

Learn from Dr. Sudha Kessler about an overview of epilepsy treatment options when standard antiseizure medications are not controlling seizures, with a focus on surgical treatments. She explains what to expect from the evaluation process, what types of surgeries children have for epilepsy and why, and how to talk with your neurologist about these treatment options.

Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizures


Learn from Dr. Lindsay Higdon about Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizures.

How Doctors Choose your Epilepsy Medications


Learn from Dr. Christopher Skidmore how doctors select the most appropriate medications to control your seizures. Epilepsy can be treated successfully with antiepileptic medications; but clinicians must evaluate every person with epilepsy carefully, keeping in mind individual factors, medications benefits and risks.

How to Break Through Anxiety by Recharging Effectively with


Learn from Chandler Perog, COO of, about strategies to improve performance and mental wellness with music technology.

Drug-Resistant Epilepsy: What you need to know about invasive diagnostic testing


Learn why invasive diagnostic tests are key elements for the diagnosis and treatment of uncontrolled epilepsy. Presented by Dr. Ashwini Sharan and Dr. Christopher Skidmore.

Seizure Clusters: Unmet Needs & Emerging Formulations


Learn about seizure clusters, seizure cluster management, seizure action plans, and rescue medication options presented by Chris Dietrich, Medical Liason at Aquestive Therapeutics.

Epilepsy Care & Vaccines During the Pandemic


Learn about epilepsy care during the pandemic and vaccine safety presented by Dr. Brian Hanrahan, Epileptologist at St. Luke’s Neurology.

International Epilepsy Day


Take a trip around the world with with Dr. Joyce Liporace and Tony Coelho to learn about the impact epilepsy has globally.

Special thanks to our Sponsors: Eisai, Greenwich Biosciences, UCB

Advanced Treatment Options for Drug-Resistant Epilepsy


Learn about advances in neurostimulation from Dr. Ashwini Sharan, Dr. Christopher Skidmore, and a patient who has benefited from the RNS System.

Introducing the Transition Social Group Program


Learn about a new virtual Transition Social Group Program presented by our partners at The Next Steps Program. What is the Transition Social Group Program? It’s a virtual social group designed for individuals with disabilities, going through the process of transitioning out of high school into independent living or into vocational environments. A place to share experiences, learn new concepts, and to have fun. Targeted participants are 14-26-year-olds diagnosed with a disability.

Navigating Special Education During Covid-19: What Families Need to Know


Presenter Angela Uliana-Murphy discusses Special Education/IEPs and how to ensure your child has access to the same learning opportunities and services as peers as outlined in the IEP.