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Upcoming Webinars & Trainings

If you would like to schedule a seizure recognition and first aid training please contact Rena Loughlin at rloughlin@efepa.org and/or 215-779-8828.

**All trainings are NOT recorded for later viewing.

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Seizure Recognition and First Aid for Camp Staff

Tuesday, June 22, 2021 from 10:30-11:30am with Kerri Michnya

Use the following link to register for the webinar: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_mOz0lxZhS5yREYTA2MaY3A

This training will present an overview of seizure types, the administration of proper seizure first aid, the latest medical treatments and devices, water safety, and unique challenges faced by those diagnosed with epilepsy. A certificate of completion and epilepsy resources will be emailed after the training.

For questions about the training please contact Kerri Michnya at kmichnya@efepa.org.

Seizure Recognition & First Aid Training for First Responders

Thursday, June 24, 2021 from 5:30-7pm with Mary Loughlin

Use the following link to register for the webinar: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_ybQ3f1YMTReQfqQsxPl2ng

This training will teach emergency personnel how to recognize the signs and symptoms of various seizure types, the administration of proper seizure first aid, ways in which to handle epilepsy-related events, latest treatments and devices, and the unique needs of people living with epilepsy. This training is approved for CEUs in the EMS registry. Those who need CEUs will be entered into the class in the EMS registry by the EFEPA. A certificate of completion and epilepsy resources will be emailed after the training.

For questions about CEUs, please contact Rena Loughlin at rloughlin@efepa.org; For questions about the training, please contact Mary Loughlin at epilepsywv@efepa.org.


Drug-Resistant Epilepsy: What you need to know about invasive diagnostic testing

Webinar: June 21: 5:30-6:30pm EST: Learn why invasive diagnostic tests are key elements for the diagnosis and treatment of uncontrolled epilepsy. Speakers will be Dr. Ashwini Sharan and Dr. Christopher Skidmore.

Register at: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_8eNxbqupQn6Gp0QJEwKYGg

How to Break Through Anxiety by Recharging Effectively with Brain.fm

Webinar: June 28: 5:30-6:30pm EST: Learn from Chandler Perog, COO of Brain.fm, about strategies to improve performance and mental wellness with Brain.fm music technology.

Register at: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_h63KWl72T0-PZc0IsjxHsg

Seizure Clusters: Unmet Needs & Emerging Formulations

Learn about seizure clusters, seizure cluster management, seizure action plans, and rescue medication options presented by Chris Dietrich, Medical Liason at Aquestive Therapeutics.

Epilepsy Care & Vaccines During the Pandemic

Learn about epilepsy care during the pandemic and vaccine safety presented by Dr. Brian Hanrahan, Epileptologist at St. Luke’s Neurology.

International Epilepsy Day

Take a trip around the world with with Dr. Joyce Liporace and Tony Coelho to learn about the impact epilepsy has globally.

Special thanks to our Sponsors: Eisai, Greenwich Biosciences, UCB

Advanced Treatment Options for Drug-Resistant Epilepsy

Learn about advances in neurostimulation from Dr. Ashwini Sharan, Dr. Christopher Skidmore, and a patient who has benefited from the RNS System.

Introducing the Transition Social Group Program

Learn about a new virtual Transition Social Group Program presented by our partners at The Next Steps Program. What is the Transition Social Group Program? It’s a virtual social group designed for individuals with disabilities, going through the process of transitioning out of high school into independent living or into vocational environments. A place to share experiences, learn new concepts, and to have fun. Targeted participants are 14-26-year-olds diagnosed with a disability.

Navigating Special Education During Covid-19: What Families Need to Know

Presenter Angela Uliana-Murphy discusses Special Education/IEPs and how to ensure your child has access to the same learning opportunities and services as peers as outlined in the IEP.

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