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HOme Based Self-management & COgnitive Training CHanges lives

HOBSCOTCH is a self-management program designed to help people with epilepsy find ways to manage and cope with their memory problems in order to lead a happier, more productive life. More than half of people with seizures experience memory problems and feel that seizures interfere with memory.

Why do people with seizures have memory problems?

  • Stress, anxiety & depressed mood
  • Seizure & abnormal brain activity
  • Physical abnormalities of the brain
  • Abnormal brain chemistry
  • Medication side effects

You will Learn:

  • How epilepsy and seizure affect memory.
  • Skills to compensate for memory problems in everyday life.
  • Ways to reduce stress, improve your memory, and increase your quality of life.

You Will Receive:

  • 8 sessions with a HOBSCOTCH certified EFEPA Memory Coach
  • HOBSCOTCH Workbook
  • Memory Tool Box
  • Day Planner & Seizure Diary

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Taking Control: Building Skills to Improve Cognitive Challenges in Epilepsy

Interested? Contact Seamus Morgan at smorgan@efepa.org or call 215-629-5003 ext 105

Program Structure

Each session lasts about 45-60 minutes

Session 1

What is Memory? Memory & Seizures. Problem Solving. Quick Relaxation.

Session 2

Problem Solving Therapy. Keeping a Schedule.

Session 3 – 7

Problem Solving Worksheet.

Session 8

Wrap up. Maintenance Strategies.