Scholarship Opportunities

There are many options available but some research may be required to find scholarships for which you qualify. Don’t limit your search to “Epilepsy Scholarships.” Consider searching large database websites like,, and Check out informational websites like or Think about anything that may be unique to you. Talk to the admissions offices at the schools to which you are applying. Utilize the guidance department at your high school.



KaplunMarx- Living With Epilepsy Scholarship

No 2023 info available at this time.

The Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys at KaplunMarx are thrilled to continue their Living with Epilepsy Scholarship for a second year! They want to support those whose lives are affected by epilepsy and help spread awareness about this disease. It’s important to further the conversation around epilepsy and get involved in supporting those whose lives are impacted. The fight against epilepsy is something everyone at our firm cares very deeply about. Like many families, Jon Marx, a founding partner of our law firm, deals with the epilepsy of a loved one on a daily basis. Seeing this disease first hand motivates us to continue working towards a cure. This is why the team at KaplunMarx want to give back to the epilepsy warriors out there.

This $1,000 scholarship is available to a student who has been diagnosed or whose family member, friend, or other individual they are close to has been diagnosed with epilepsy or another seizure disorder. They want to hear how your diagnosis has affected your life, whether that is having the responsibility to care for someone with epilepsy or how you’ve had to learn to take care of yourself. Have there been instances where the disease has pushed you to succeed rather than hindered you? What obstacles have you overcome? Are there any important moments in your life that have occurred because of your diagnosis? Tell them your story.

CURE Epilepsy Education Enrichment Fund Scholarship

2023 Cycle has not been announced

Application link:

Are you ready to change the field of epilepsy research? You could receive up to $5,000 toward your education through the CURE Epilepsy Education Enrichment Fund Scholarship, funded by the generous support of Greenwich Biosciences. 

These one-time scholarships are awarded to individuals with epilepsy or family members and caregivers of those impacted by epilepsy. These scholarships support coursework in scholars’ chosen fields, so they can use their knowledge and skills to become agents of change in the epilepsy community. 


Richard A. Ash Scholarship

Deadline 4/30/2023

Application Link:

High School Seniors, Undergraduate College students in financial need, Philly resident; 10-20  renewable scholarships awarded per year from $1000 up to 90% of educational cost 

FACES College Scholarship Program

Deadline 6/1/23

Application link: 

FACES (Finding a Cure for Epilepsy and Seizures) will provide financial support for the education of college undergraduate or graduate students affected by epilepsy and seizure disorders. FACES is seeking to recognize the personal accomplishments of those living with epilepsy during their higher education journey.


The McCann Epilepsy Higher Education Scholarship

Deadline 7/31/23 & Awarded in August 2023

$1,000 scholarship will be awarded in August 2023.

Applicants must be residents of Pennsylvania or New Jersey. Applications should be sent to with the subject line “McCann Epilepsy Higher Education Scholarship”

College and high school students who are diagnosed with epilepsy OR have lost a loved one to SUDEP and are pursuing higher education. This includes community, technical, and junior colleges as well as four-year colleges and universities. Applicants must have at least a 2.0 grade point average.

Applicants must provide a one-page typed, single-spaced essay describing:

  • Who you are
  • Your passions and goals in life
  • What you would like to do in the future in terms of your education and future career
  • How this scholarship would help you pursue higher education

Arthur O. And Clara M. Schlegel Memorial Fund

Application info:

(Follow prompts on page to apply)

The Arthur O. & Clara M. Schlegel Memorial Fund provides grants that support the medical costs of physical differences in Berks County children whose guardians are unable to meet such expenses.

Expenses that may be covered include direct and indirect medical expenses, such as travel costs associated with treatment.