The EFEPA offers a variety of free programs and services to help you. All of our services are designed to help you cope with the impact of epilepsy on your life.

Check out the programs below to find out how the Epilepsy Foundation Eastern Pennsylvania can help you take control of your life, and your epilepsy. Learn more about the EFEPA’s programs by watching our Faces of Epilepsy video and stay up to date on events in your area with the calendar below.

Depending upon your individual needs and circumstances, coping with epilepsy in your everyday life can sometimes mean that you need information, support and help from a variety of local service organizations. Knowing where to find and how to access these local services can vary greatly depending upon where you live and the specific help you need.

Individuals and families can get help finding out about issues such as health insurance, medications, physicians, social security, driving laws, housing, education and employment by contacting the EFEPA staff. Directions and advice can be provided to you and your family about services available in your area. Contact information including telephone numbers, eligibility requirements and web site addresses can be provided to you via our Information and Referral service.

If you need information or a referral or need to talk to someone about the issues that arise in your life while coping with your seizure disorder, contact the EFEPA office in your area.

Click here for a list of our offices. Professional staff is available by telephone or email to answer questions and send appropriate information. Spanish material and translations are available.

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Medical, Legal and Mental Health Support Services

The Foundation provides listings of medical facilities, physicians and specialists with epilepsy expertise; legal counseling specializing in disability law, social security disability, educational rights, employment discrimination and more.   Support services listings provide referrals in the areas of surgery, mental health and behavioral issues as well as housing agencies.

We can also provide assistance in regards to employment and training programs, eligibility for various Medicaid waivers, and pharmaceutical patient assistance programs which may assist in obtaining discounted prices.

We also will supply information about epilepsy to an attorney in order to assist him/her in presenting your claim for related matters such as Social Security benefits or a case concerning employment discrimination.

We also offer two self-management programs from the Managing Epilepsy Well Network. For  information about our one on one memory & cognition coaching program, click here! For information about our psychoeducational group program, click here!

Adult Resources

For adults, information is available that addresses epilepsy-related challenges including Social Security, Americans with Disabilities Act, health insurance and prescription assistance, treatment options, and employment discrimination resources. Offerings also include information on PA driving laws and transportation alternatives as well as employer education programs are available.

Interested in the Adult Wellness Weekend? Click here to learn more!

The Foundation offers free educational conferences throughout the area titled the Epilepsy Education Exchange that welcome area experts to present the latest information in the field. Additional workshops are offered throughout the year to meet the needs of individuals affected by epilepsy, their families, nurses, teachers, employers, and others.

For the full schedule of upcoming conferences, click here!

Individual and family assistance is available. Project School Alert programs are available free of charge to schools, daycare centers and other educational facilities. Independent Educational Program (IEP) assistance is also available.

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Support groups offer adults, children, parents, friends, and family members an opportunity to share emotional support while gaining information and knowledge. Speakers on various topics are an important component to all of our support groups.

Click here for a list of all Support Group meeting times & dates!

Community Education and Outreach

Foundation Staff are available to conduct educational seminars for your business, school community, social service agency, daycare & senior center, camps and others.   These general educational sessions will enhance the participants’ ability to understand epilepsy as a disorder, recognize potential seizure disorders and learn proper safety procedures.  Specially-designed programs are available for law enforcement and emergency service personnel.  We are available for Health Fairs and Health Expos.

A week-long overnight camp for children and teens (ages 8-17) is hosted in August at a Camp Green Lane in Green Lane, PA.  Activities include swimming, wall climbing, arts & crafts, sports, golf, tennis, canoeing and many more. Medical personnel and trained counselors are on-hand to ensure a safe and fun environment. Camp fosters education, peer exchange, camaraderie, and also helps build confidence and self-esteem.

Learn more about Camp Achieve!

Youth Achieve is the EFEPA’s year-round youth programming, designed for children ages 8-17 with an epilepsy diagnosis, and their families. With quarterly in-person and virtual events, members of Youth Achieve will help to develop EFEPA events, engage their communities to raise epilepsy awareness, and of course, enjoy fun, games, and friendship!

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Young adults ages 18-30 are invited to join us for the Young Adult Retreat, an annual weekend retreat focusing on addressing the needs of young adults living with epilepsy. With opportunities to learn essential life and wellness skills, recognize and build upon personal strengths, and meet others with shared experiences, the weekend’s activities are designed to build a supportive community, dedicate time for socialization, introduce relaxation and stress-management techniques, explore future planning, and time set aside to talk directly with medical professionals.

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