Seizure Detection & Tracking

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Seizure Alert & Detection Devices

The field of seizure detection is growing and changing constantly. The Foundation will work to keep this information up-to-date as seizure alert and detection devices continue to improve in their efficacy and responsiveness.

The benefits of these devices include:

  • Improved safety & independence
  • Ability to alert caregiver/family member/friend
  • Track seizures and assess whether treatment is working

SAMi Monitor (Camera device to record audio & video of seizure-like activity):

Emfit (muscle contraction monitor that attaches to a mattress):


Brain Sentinel SPEAC System (utilizing sEMG technology; attaches to bicep):

Seizure Alert Dogs

Financial assistance for seizure alert devices to those with epilepsy is available. To apply for assistance, visit:

Seizure Tracking & Self-Management Tools

These sites provide web and app versions of journals to track your medical history, seizures and other symptoms. Self-management programs help participants learn more about their condition and teach them proven skills to improve their ability to manage their health. Self-management programs can help participants:

  • Follow their medication schedule
  • Reduce their stress or depressive symptoms
  • Help better communicate with health care providers

Epilepsy Foundation My Seizure Diary:


**Epsy connects with Epsy Hub the platform for healthcare professionals, to help improve conversations in every appointment

Managing Epilepsy Well Network:



Seizure Tracker:


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