Be an Advocate!

Help advocate for an increase in state funding for the EFEPA to legislators, media professionals and more. Our current funding is allocated based on the number of counties, not the population we serve.

What is our Current Funding?

  • The total funding for epilepsy support services in Pennsylvania is around $576,315. The EFEPA currently receives 38% of this funding, equaling to around $219,000 a year.
  • Our goal is to advocate for the total funding to be increased to $1 million. We also want to be proportionally receiving 57% of the funding for the 57% of the population in PA that we serve. This would increase our amount to around $570,000 a year.

What Can We Do with More Funding?

With additional funds, we would be able to expand our social and mental health programs to allow more people to participate. Programs like Camp Achieve, the Young Adult Retreat, Adult Wellness Weekend, HOBSCOTCH & CDSMP are vital to fighting mental health issues and social isolation.

The additional funding will also go towards supporting additional EFEPA services like seizure recognition & first aid trainings, conferences, support groups, and more. These supportive services help those affected by epilepsy live successful and happy lives.

What Does Advocacy Look Like?

Share your story! A brief summary about the challenges you face living with epilepsy can emphasize the importance of supportive services. Describe the services the EFEPA provides that have benefitted you the most (trainings, retreats, webinars, support groups etc.)

Consider scheduling a meeting with your local representative to advocate for epilepsy! Find your local contacts at Find Your Legislator.

A few quick tips:

  • Emphasize how epilepsy can feel isolating and affect a person’s mental health without the strength of community.
  • Remind legislators  that the help you receive is funded by the Epilepsy Support Services item in the PA budget.
  • Emphasize our need to allocate funding by population served. The EFEPA serves 57% of the population, and we want 57% of the state funding.
  • Thank them for their time and ask to take a photo for the EFEPA’s social media. Send the photo to Rena at [email protected].

Advocate for the DOMinate Epilepsy Law!

The EFEPA has been working closely with Chester County State Representative Carol Kazeem to introduce the DOMinate Epilepsy Law (amendment HB1990) to require school personnel to become trained in seizure recognition and first aid. We are at the point that we want to encourage the two chairmen of the Education Committee, Representatives Schweyer and Topper, to support amendment HB1990 & to consider moving this legislation through the Education Committee. 

We need your help! We would greatly appreciate it if you could personally reach out to them with the letter template included in the resources below. If you could secure a meeting with them, that would be even better!

Helpful Resources

Print out these informative materials to bring with you on your advocacy efforts!


EFEPA Infographic Flyer – PDF HERE

EFEPA Request Letter – PDF HERE(this letter is for your legislator to send to their respective leaders)

DOMinate Epilepsy Outreach Letter – Word Doc HERE.

If you have any questions or want more information, please contact our Senior Director of Programs & Advocacy, Rena Loughlin, at [email protected] or (215) 779-8828.