Conferences and Educational Workshops

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About the Epilepsy Education Exchanges

The Epilepsy Education Exchanges are free annual conferences held in the Berks, Lancaster, Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia and Wilkes-Barre regions. We invite those living with epilepsy, family members, caregivers, medical and healthcare professionals, and school personnel to explore important topics in epilepsy while developing a network of support and increasing public awareness, education and understanding.

The Epilepsy Education Exchanges provide information on a wide array of relevant topics such as the latest in epilepsy treatments and updates, psychological, emotional and social concerns, clinical trials, employment, and school issues, as well as other challenges that those with epilepsy/seizure disorder share.

These conferences are free and open to the public. Travel reimbursement to programs available upon request. Email for more information!

Spring Conferences

Fall Conferences

Northeast PA Epilepsy Education Exchange – October 21, 2020

Epilepsy Education Exchange – November 7, 2020

Biennial Conferences

Lehigh Valley Epilepsy Education Exchange

Topics include:

  • “Neuropsychological Testing: What is it and what are the benefits of being evaluated?” presented by Shannon Kelley, Ph.D., of LVPG Neuropsychology 
  • “Is it a seizure? There are many factors that impact the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy” presented by Zehra Husain, MD of LVPG Neurology
  • “Comorbidity & Epilepsy: Learn about other medical conditions that accompany an epilepsy diagnosis” presented by Scott Kohler, MD of St. Luke’s Neurology Associates

For more information about the program, contact Ellen Baca, Lehigh Valley Coordinator, at or 610-737-0613.

Lancaster Epilepsy Education Exchange

Topics Include:

  • “SUDEP: Knowledge is Power” presented by Sally Schaeffer, SUDEP Institute Director of the Epilepsy Foundation SUDEP Institute
  • “Emerging Treatments for Drug Resistant Epilepsy” presented by Kathyrn Davis, MD, Assistant Professor of Neurology of Penn Epilepsy Center

For more information about the program, contact Kerri Michnya, Lancaster Resource Coordinator at or (717) 449-1872

Northeast PA Epilepsy Education Exchange

Topics include:

  • “Devices for Treatment of Epilepsy and Seizure Detection” presented by Michael Sperling, MD, Jefferson Comprehensive Epilepsy Center
  • “Cognitive & Behavioral Issues in Epilepsy” presented by Erin Esposito, Psy.D., Penn Medicine

For more information, contact us at 570-592-1150 or

Epilepsy Education Exchange

Speakers, Topics & Timing:

  • 9:15 – 9:55 AM: Wellness Management for Caregivers & People Living with Epilepsy presented by Caitlin Rice, MSS, LCSW, Council for Relationships 
  • 10:15 – 10:55 AM: Doctor/Patient Relationships presented by Carla LoPinto-Khoury, MD, Temple Neurosciences Center 
  • 11:15 – 11:55 AM: Planning for the Future presented by Bruce Sham, CLF, MassMutual Greater Philadelphia 
  • 12:15 – 12:55 PM: Updates on AEDs presented by Michael Gelfand, MD, PhD, Penn Neuroscience Center 

For more information, contact us at 215-629-5003 or

La Epilepsia Y Tú: Spanish-language Epilepsy Exchange

Es un placer ofrecer una conferencia dedicada a los hispanohablantes con epilepsia. Reune con nosotros el primavera 2020 en el Hospital de Lehigh Valley. Dra. Soraya Jimenez presentará sobre la epilepsia y las crisis epilépticas. Ademas discutiremos temas como seguridad en la casa y en la comunidad y sugerencias de manejar una vida productiva y independiente.

Women & Epilepsy Conference

This program is offered every other year in the spring to focus on the unique and special concerns related to epilepsy/seizure disorder that are gender specific. In some years the conference focuses specifically on women’s issues and in others there are sessions for women and men running concurrently.

2019 conference topics included: 

  • “Women and Hormones” with Lindsay Higdon, MD
  • “Pregnancy & Childcare” with Danielle Becker, MD
  • “Strong Women” with Joyce Liporace, MD
  • “Living Our Best” with Jaime Spinell Zuckerman, PsyD

Joyce Liporace, MD has been the chairperson for the Women’s Conference since it’s inception in 1999. Michael Sperling, MD, Director of the Jefferson Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, was the chairperson of the first Men’s Conference in 2010.

Dr. Liporace’s session on Pregnancy & Epilepsy:

Speakers for all EFEPA conferences are well-known professionals in their field.

Visit our Professional Advisory Board and Board of Directors to view some, but not all, of our conference faculty.

The Foundation is not affiliated with any hospital in its services area. Presenters are chosen by their expertise of the subject matter. The Foundation is not funded by the pharmaceutical industry and is an independently incorporated affiliate of the Epilepsy Foundation of America, Landover, MD, (800) 332-1000. A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the PA Department of State by calling toll free (800) 732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.