Urge the Governor to Approve HB 1801

Governor Wolf now has before him House Bill 1801, a 2015-2016 supplemental State budget. This bill includes $550,000 in funding for the Epilepsy Support Services line item. The Governor has vetoed this funding in the past and we must ask him to support it now.

PLEASE take the time to send e-mails or faxes to Governor Wolf, his Chief of Staff Mary Isenhour and the Budget Secretary Randy Albright today. Tell them to approve House Bill 1801 AND epilepsy support services funding.

Make Your Voice Heard

Contact Governor Tom Wolf

FAX a letter to 717-787-4590

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/governorwolf/

Twitter @GovernorTomWolf

EMAIL The Governor’s Chief of Staff Mary Isenhour

EMAIL the State Budget Secretary Randy Albright.

Below is a sample email you can use to contact them. Or, feel free to share your own experiences. Click here to download the letter to fax.

Dear _____________,

I am writing in support for the Epilepsy Support Services line item currently under consideration in HB 1801. At this critical point in our state’s future, I urge you to approve the $550,000 to help the over 210,000 Pennsylvanians living with epilepsy.

Specifically, funds from the PA Department of Health support programs that educate schools and first responders on epilepsy awareness and seizure first-aid conducted by the Epilepsy Foundation Eastern Pennsylvania.  These initiatives are essential to making our state safe. There are nearly 19,000 school aged children living with epilepsy in PA. Withholding funds now places each student at risk for bodily harm, social bullying and possibly a fatal accident.

Funding for Epilepsy Support Services is an investment in our children, teens, parents and seniors lives in perpetuity. I hope that the state of Pennsylvania will continue to be support our community in this vital effort.

Thank you for your continued support of Pennsylvanians living with epilepsy.