Epilepsy is a condition that requires the full attention of all family members on a continuous basis in order to prevent physical injuries during sudden seizures. In this regard, all family members are required to carefully asses all areas around the house to determine their potential perils. Home safety is crucial for the 65 million people living with this health condition worldwide. Below you will find a few useful tips and advice on how to transform any home in a safer environment for an epilepsy patient.        

Quick Tips For Safe-Proofing Your Home

Tile and hard surfaces can be potentially harmful during seizures; it is recommended to use carpets in those areas where there aren’t any covering the tiles. Only use chairs with arms that will keep sufferers from falling off; if the patient is of a young age, make sure you install safety gates so you prevent unfortunate stair falling accidents. Keep the patient inside the house during a seizure by having good locks on the doors and window. Check out the http://www.247locksmithservice.com/ site and get in touch with an expert team of licensed technicians part of the 24/7 Locksmith Service company. They provide professional residential locksmith services, as well as automotive and commercial aid. They handle 24/7 lockout emergencies and they can install fresh locks that can make your home a safer environment. They cover lock rekey, as well as jammed lock problems and they can recommend the most popular and effective brands on the market. Their rates are highly competitive and transparent and you can call their toll free number to get in touch with a live operator who will immediately handle your emergency and send over a mobile crew in your area within 20 minutes of your call. You will also be allowed to schedule free estimates so you can find out how big of a budget should you build for the more complex lock-relate word you are interested in.   


More Home Safety Tips For Epilepsy Caregivers

During the cold season, always keep the fireplace screen closed when you have a fire burning and never leave a person suffering from uncontrolled seizures alone in a room where there is a fire. Only pick space heaters that do not tip over if pushed against and buy home appliances featuring automatic shut off switches. It is best for the bathroom doors to open outward rather than the opposite; a microwave is preferred instead of a stove, and the same goes for plastic kitchen utensils rather than the regular kind.