We’re sad to share this story about a young man who recently passed away due to an epileptic seizure while swimming in Ocean City, NJ. It’s a somber reminder that seizures are life threatening and demand attention from researchers and the general public alike.
When planning your summer activities, please remember that if you or someone you love has seizures, always stay with them while they are in the water.The American Red Cross recommends using the REACH system – making sure someone is within reach at all times. This goes for kids and adults, even if his or her seizures are well controlled.
If swimming in the Ocean or even riding a boat, it is essential that everyone, including the person with epilepsy, wear a life jacket. 
If you’re at the pool, it is important to tell lifeguards that you or someone you are with has a seizure disorder. If you belong to a community pool, the EFEPA can train the lifegaurds on seizure recognition and first aid. 
Hunger or dehydration can cause seizures. Make sure to check in with yourself, or your loved one, to see how they are feeling. This is especially important on hot, humid days. 
If someone experiences a seizure while in the water, call 911 immediately.