Volunteer and Medical Professional Honorees

Volunteer and Medical Professional Honorees 2019-11-27T14:16:16-05:00

Charley and Peggy Roach Founders’ Award

Charley and Peggy Roach, lifelong Philadelphia residents, left an imprint on the business and philanthropic communities. Charley was a residential builder and developer prior to WWII and founded the real estate firm Roach Brothers in 1948. The firm is currently known as Berkshire Hathaway. Peggy was active in numerous charitable and community endeavors.

In the early seventies, both Charley and Peggy realized the area lacked resources for those diagnosed with epilepsy/seizure disorders and their families. Along with others with the same concern, the Roach’s founded the Epilepsy Foundation of Philadelphia in 1972 and their family continues to volunteer with the organization.

Each year at the Mardi Gras Gala, the EFEPA proudly presents the Charley and Peggy Roach Founders’ Award to volunteers who have made strides in the epilepsy community.

Thank you to Sarah Tefft, BSN, RN of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for her countless volunteer hours to the EFEPA and her wonderful professional contributions as a Ketogenic Diet Nurse. We were honored to celebrate her for the 2019 Mardi Gras Gala! If you want to watch the tribute video again, you can do so below:

2019 – Sarah Tefft, BSN, RN (dual honoree)

2018 – Richard I. Katz, MD (dual honoree)

2017 – Frank Kotulka

2016 – Brad & Bethany Goering

2015 – Dan Dougherty

2014 – Tim Roach

2013 – Madge Keehn

2012 – Jeanne LeBuhn

2011 – Kathleen Gill

Eric Burton Osberg Award

The Eric Burton Osberg Award was created by Greg and Linda Osberg in 2012 to honor their son, Eric, who was diagnosed with epilepsy at a young age. The Osberg’s, who knew first hand the importance of an excellent doctor, founded the award to be given to a medical professional for their dedication, expertise and time provided to the Epilepsy Foundation Eastern PA as well as their research in the field of epilepsy. In association with the award an Eric Burton Osberg Scholarship fund was created that gives out scholarship money to outstanding students struggling with epilepsy and seizure disorders, honoring their achievements in the face of this difficult disorder.

2019 – Sarah Tefft, BSN, RN (dual honoree)

2018 – Richard I. Katz, MD (dual honoree)

2017 – Mercedes Jacobson, MD

2016 – Brian Litt, MD

2015 – Michael Sperling, MD

2014 – Ignacio Valencia, MD

2013 – Joyce Liporace, MD

2012 – Barbara Beck, CRNP