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The Epilepsy Foundation of America has started a petition on the White House website. We need your help!  We are calling on the President and the Drug Enforcement Administration to reschedule marijuana to a lower level under the controlled substances act.  The Foundation supports this change to benefit greater access to marijuana and its components for research purposes.  If we reach 100,000 signatures in the by April 19, 2014, the petition will receive a response from the White House!


Our Petition:  20 states and DC have legalized the medical use of marijuana. People living with uncontrolled seizures have reported beneficial effects and reduced seizure activity when using medical marijuana. A lack of research is a major concern for public health and patient safety, consistent dosage, and potential side effects. However, the hope provided for some is highly sought by families in need. Unfortunately, because marijuana-based products including the non-psychoactive cannabidiol are Schedule I drugs, it is very difficult for researchers to perform needed studies. We urge the Obama administration to ask DEA to reschedule marijuana products so researchers can study the benefits and side effects of this treatment option that could potentially help millions of people living with epilepsy.

To sign the epilepsy petition please go to:

Below are the steps you will need to take to sign our petition at the White House website:

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Thank you for your advocacy! For more information visit our page on Medical Marijuana

One Response to “Sign the Epilepsy Research and Medical Marijuana Petition!”

  1. My poor seven year old has been quietly struggling through multiple medicine increases due to his seizures and the side effects are really getting to him. You know it’s bad when a kid asks to stay home from field day because he’s too dizzy…He’s also suffering from depression, aggression, hostility, mood swings, fatigue, learning disabilities, and more. We also have to make sure the level of chemicals in his blood from his medicine are toxic at these higher dosages.

    This is why I support new research for epilepsy. New treatments with CBD offer NO side effects, except maybe a little drowsiness. And are effective for kids with epilepsy 1000x worse than my son’s!

    Since somnolence is one of my son’s lightest current side effects, I strongly support new research that could help my child with his quality of life and management of this awful disease.

    This was a great resource recently sent to me:

    I am hoping we move forward with understanding alternative research and treatments and break free from the pharmaceutical treatments that may be worse than the disease itself…I know it is a sensitive subject, but it’s hard not to support publicly when your child has a life-threatening disease and there is a treatment that is legal (but hard to obtain) in only 5 states that is much less toxic than anything currently available to him.

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