The Epilepsy Foundations of Pennsylvania rely on state funding to provide services for you! From first aid training’s in schools and educating Emergency Responder’s to referral services, we are able to help you better because of the support from the state budget. Unfortunately epilepsy services have been cut from the next fiscal budget. Over the last year, together the EFEPA and Epilepsy Foundation Western/Central PA have educated:

  • 474 School Nurses
  • 4,395 Teachers and School personnel
  • 4,662 Students
  • 241 First Responders

Your voice is critical to securing state funding for epilepsy services! Do not rely on your neighbor to speak up; we need your help by expressing your concerns to each of your legislators and Governor Wolf.

Click here to find out who your legislators are:

Click here for a pre-drafted letter you can send to your legislator!

Governor Wolf’s budget eliminated all funding for epilepsy services. Governor Wolf, his staff and your legislators need to hear from individuals and families affected by epilepsy that the EFEPA’s services are vital to your family. If the elected officials don’t hear from all of us that epilepsy services are important, there is no chance that the funds will be reinstated. The Epilepsy Foundations of Pennsylvania are requesting that the state budget reinstate the $750,000 grant within the appropriation of the Pennsylvania Department of Health. For more information on how you can help, contact us at 215-629-5003 or by email at [email protected].