Pennsylvania – Protect Access to Medications
Exclude Epilepsy Medications from the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program  

Take Action!


The Pennsylvania Senate is considering a bill, SB 1180, which would expand the state’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program to include Schedule V drugs, including anti-epilepsy drugs (AEDs). The House considered a bill to expand the prescription drug monitoring program this fall and amended the bill to exempt Schedule V AEDs to protect access to epilepsy treatments. We need the Senate to do the same!

Drug monitoring programs have been established in many states, including Pennsylvania, to address prescription drug abuse by closely monitoring and restricting access to medications with abuse potential). We are concerned that the proposed expansion will limit access to anti-epilepsy drugs (AEDs) and negatively impact the health and privacy of people living with epilepsy in Pennsylvania, by creating potential barriers to physician directed care and an unnecessary administrative burden that may jeopardize patient access and privacy. For people living with epilepsy, access to appropriate and effective epilepsy medications is critical for achieving and maintaining seizure control.

The Epilepsy Foundation and its two Pennsylvania affiliates, Epilepsy Foundation Eastern Pennsylvania and Epilepsy Foundation Western/Central Pennsylvania, strongly believe that including Schedule V and AEDs in the monitoring program will endanger the health and privacy of epilepsy patients and have urged the legislature to amend the bill to exempt Schedule V drugs. The House supports the epilepsy community and has exempted Schedule V AEDs. It’s time for the Senate to act and we need your Senator’s help!

Contact your Senator today and ask him or her to support an amendment that exempts Schedule V AEDs from the proposed expansion of the prescription drug monitoring program in order to preserve and protect access to medications and privacy for individuals living with epilepsy in Pennsylvania.